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Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism as a Way to Support Local Identity 

At Merill we're assisting farmers, breeders, and artisans to create their own strategies in order to diversify their income and offers into agri-tourism services. We encourage them to understand the value of tourism and make available their venues to host alternative experiences revolving around local food, wine and traditions.


Generally speaking, industrialisation and globalisation are pushing us towards standard models, erasing our territorial identities and traditions. A community-based form of tourism can help these small-scale workshops and farms to be economically sustainable and preserve traditions that would otherwise be lost.

We can proudly affirm that Merill set the blueprint for collaborative rural tourism in the Maltese Islands. Since 2020, we entrusted the organisation of tours and experiences to Malta Rural Tours which has become the exclusive commercial agent for all the members within the Merill Rural Network. 

Are you interested in visiting any of our members? Get in touch with them directly, or with our trusted partners at 

Merill Rural Tours
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Merill actively promotes tourism which is: 


empowering farmers and artisans to provide tourists with immersive experiences that connect them deeply with the stories and culture of the rural communities


We firmly believe that when tourism is carefully planned and managed with a systematic and responsible approach, it can serve as a significant force in preserving both cultural landscapes and the environment. Our guiding principle, "Conservation through leisure," has evolved over the years, and we actively promote awareness of this concept through the experiences and tours we curate for our members.

Over time, we have come to recognise that experiential tourism is a powerful educational tool due to its ability to enhance memorability. Consequently, alongside our members' more leisurely experiences, we are actively championing, CSR & Team building Activities, Agritech Tours and Educational Visits.






... Discover the experiences hosted by our members!

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