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Local Products

We are dedicated to valorizing and promoting locally-sourced, authentic products that are cultivated through responsible agricultural practices. Our mission includes raising awareness among people about the significance of consuming local, seasonal, and fresh produce.

Local Products as a way to raise awareness about Maltese Agriculture

Merill is dedicated to assisting its members and partners in enhancing the value of their genuine produce, effectively bridging the gap between consumers and producers while shedding light on the untapped potential of a somewhat underrated sector.

The promotion and valorization of local products are central to our activities, often taking center stage in the experiences offered at our members' premises. Furthermore, Merill collaborates closely with local partners to amplify their promotion. We aim to educate people about the challenges associated with lengthy food supply chains and emphasise that consuming local is one of the most sustainable actions an individual can undertake.

In collaboration with the Mediterranean Culinary Academy, we actively promote eco-hampers featuring products sourced from our members, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and locally-rooted practices.

Local products
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