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If you are researching about rural Malta, rural tourism, agri-tourism, community-based tourism, local products or anything else related to our social enterprise, we would be happy to assist!

However, before sending any requests for information we'd like you to go through the resources below. You should be able to gather some information just by researching these links, and it will guide you better on how to structure any further queries


We would be glad to tackle any questions which are not covered in this material... so do not hesitate to contact us +356 9944 3118  or email us


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What our members' guests say

Since 2020, we DO NOT organise rural experiences and tours anymore. Indeed, the logistics of these activities has been entrusted  to our partners at Malta Rural Tours, who are now exclusive agents for the members within the network. Having said that, the expertise gained in a decade of experience in rural tourism soaks the services provided by Malta Rural Tours, with which we collaborate closely. In this way, we are able to focus on the members themselves, helping them creating their hospitality strategy and fostering their identity, while they keep on proposing the high-quality activities taking place at their premises. 
That's why, although we are not selling tours and experiences directly anymore, we feel good at sharing our past guests' reviews!



Eco food tour in Malta (2019)

The most interesting man in . . . (2018)

Green & Tranquil Malta: Tasting Maltese Food & Wine in the Countryside (2016)

Of Orange Groves & Tangerine Sunsets: An Ecotour in Rural Malta (2016)

Beyond the cornfields (2014)

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