Private Tours

Our network members are able to provide a unique combined experience for you and your guests if they are interested in local food, agriculture, traditions and culture.

Our job as a rural network is to guide you towards trusted service providers; the ones which will exceed your expectations while keeping sustainable practices at the top of their priirities.

Choosing a private tour option will provide for an intimate experience which is guaranteed to leave lasting memories. Our commercial agent aided by a set of dedicated guides take care of all the details from planning stage to the actual experience, and make sure that the itineraries are flexible enough to cater for the changing needs of guests. Moreover, by taking these kind of eco experiences, the visitors are contributing directly to the empowerment of rural communities and the conservation of our environment, tradtitions and culture.

Guests may choose from exclusive, tailor-made itineraries which include Full day or Half day Food & Wine Tours, Winery Tours, Wine Tasting, Bakery Visits, Pastizzi Making Workshops, Cheese Tasting, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, Artisanal Workshop Visits, Sea Salt Harvesting and much more.

Private Tour options are available any day of the week (subject to availability).

Contact us to get to know more.